1. We can offer ALL homes advertised on finn.no (not just our own ads)
2. We have extensive experience in the market and very good feedback. See references.
3. We work for you for free - the developer / seller pays us for our work.

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NIE number (Numero de Identidad Extranjero) corresponds to Norwegians' social security number and always starts with an "X" or "Y" followed by seven numbers and a letter. The number is not transferable and it does not expire.

As well as being crucial for any fiscal transactions in Spain, such as buying a home, the NIE number is also necessary to carry out almost any practical task in Spain, from receiving a package in the post to opening a Spanish bank account.

The price of new homes is stated without VAT. The total costs in connection with the purchase of new buildings will be approximately 13.5%. Including 10% VAT, 1.5% document fee as well as notary costs, registration in the Spanish property register and legal representation.

If you buy a second-hand property, no document tax is paid and you can count on approx. 12-13% in costs. Including 10% transfer tax, notary fees, registration in the Spanish property register and legal representation.

In Spain, there is an open housing market, which means that many brokers sell the same homes. In Norway, it is common for one broker to sell one home, but here there are many of us. When you search for a home on finn.no or on other sites, you may have noticed that the exact same home and new build project is listed by several estate agents.

For you as a customer, the process is greatly simplified. You don't have to deal with several different actors, and deal with a broker who does all the work for you. If you see relevant homes advertised by other brokers, you can send us the link and we will provide you with information / show you the homes.

When buying new construction, you get a bank guarantee on your payments in accordance with Spanish law. You also have a 10-year construction guarantee on the construction. There is always a 2-year warranty on white goods, in accordance with EU law. Normally you also get 1-2 years on cosmetic details. The municipality always carries out an inspection before taking over in order to be able to grant the developer the so-called "licencia de primera ocupación" or residence permit. When a new home is ready, a "snag list" is normally made by the buyer with any defects that the developer must remedy.

Bidding in the way we are used to at home in Norway is not so common in Spain. In Spain, we help negotiate a final price between seller and buyer, which is usually slightly below the starting price for second-hand homes. New buildings usually have a fixed price.

Yes, it is relatively common to buy a home in Spain either via a Norwegian company or for the buyer to start a Spanish company.